Getting back in the saddle

I’ve had a crappy August if we’re honest. School has got to me at certain points and felt pretty helpless in being able to get good grades. So I applied for disability student allowance. We’ll see how that one goes. Had some good grades but an assignment really bothered me a while ago but thanks to a good friend I managed to get it done.

Been writing a lot and planning on getting at least one book self-published before the end of the year. Then we’ll see what happens. I’ve also considered going to have singing lessons to fine tune my vocal chords. I know I’m better but wanna be the best.

Finally got my physiotherapy appointment and the good news is that I haven’t broken anything but it is scar tissue from the bus accident. I’m having to manually move my joints to get them more free and strengthen my leg muscles and ligiments in my ankles. Just waiting for a wobble board to come from Amazon that I ordered last week. Hopefully that will help. The best news that came from the physio was that I can horse ride again. So today, I got back in the saddle and loved it. I feel so natural on the back of a horse. It was a sunny morning and so being on the back of him and then being told my rising trots are getting better, especially seen as I’ve not ridden in over two months was a huge boost.

Organising a halloween party and hoping we get some responses from some companies I’ve asked to donate. Fingers tightly crossed.

Getting annoyed with mum trying to make me talk to my sister. I don’t want too. Kai is here with her and my mum was like you saying hello to your sister and I was like no. Why does she, even knowing what I think and feel continue to try and make me talk to her? It’s getting on my last nerve.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop by. Bailey’s doing awesome. Was a little mischievous today but he’s good. 🙂

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