The Kindle and Accessibility

I’ve blogged about this issue before, and how Amazon had been backed into a corner. But with the launch of iBooks, with the use of text to speech being allowed, that corner is opening up. I won’t reiterate the arguments I’ve stated previously about text to speech verses audio books but we all know they are not the same thing.

However, I tried to install the mac kindle app tonight, just to see if it would work. It doesn’t. You can’t get past the registration screen. So I emailed Amazon, to see if we get a response. It would be nice if we as visually impaired people had options opened to us. iBooks is getting there, it’s still young and I don’t doubt it will continue to improve but the kindle offers a lot more books and the option to subscribe to papers and magazines also. Having both platforms accessible to us would be fantastic and give a broader choice of books and competitive prices.

Below is the email I sent to

For a long time I’ve hoped to download an app, either via the appstore or the mac kindle app and be able to not only use the user interface but read books on my mac or IOS devices. I’m an avid book reader, the only problem is that i’m totally blind and therefore depend on text to speech, Apple’s voice over, to read screen content to me. Sadly, the apps are inaccessible from the start and so I assume, maybe incorrectly that the books are unreadable also.
iBooks have opened a whole new world to me as a blind reader and I hope that Amazon can join the competitive Ebook market, not only for the sighted world but for those of us who depend on a screen reader to communicate the information on a digital screen.
Could you please inform me if there is anything being done, and a possible time line if so for the kindle devices, kindle apps on various platforms becoming accessible to the blind, low vision and dyslexic readers out there?
Thanks for any response.

If you feel like dropping them an email also, I don’t see it would do much harm. The more they are aware of another potential market, the better.
I’ll keep you posted with any response.

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