I always seem to be updating lol

I know, it’s been a long while since you heard an update from me. Well, school’s going well. Had some decent grades so far. Passed 2 modules so halfway through my first graded year. Taking three more modules at the minute and applying for disability student allowance to see if I can get some equipment to help with reading books.

Birthdays all went well. Had a great time in Birmingham at the convention. Met some interesting people and met an old friend there which was a nice surprise. I ended up talking at the seminar which was totally unexpected but a pleasure to do. Aaron came up for my birthday weekend and it was great to chill with my best mate. He was a great shopping buddy while we were in Brum and just chilled at the weekend due to my tiredness from travelling and such a busy week.

I’ve not been so well recently. Constantly tired, even having had six or seven hours of sleep. It’s really sucked. Anyway, got a cold last week and now I’ve been blessed with a sinus infection. So battling that while trying to do school work and continue on my writing ventures.

On the writing front, I’m still editing do anything and have two and a half chapters to write on Enchantress. I have got a cool new piece of software for the mac, well not technically got it as yet, going to purchase it later today that will make my writing a little easier and a lot more productive in the creative stages.

I’ve been asking around for people to design my covers and hopefully by the end of the year one of my stories should at least be on the smash words website. Fingers tightly crossed.

Doing a lot of organising for guide dogs. have to get some stamps and start sending letters out. I have the letters printed, envelopes are sitting waiting and hopefully we can get this show on the road.

Bailey’s well. He finally got his bed that he was meant to be having for his birthday. It’s leather and there is no talking to him now. He’s definitely a little aristocrat. heehee.

Anyway, not much else to report. I’m battling on as always. Still reasonably happy, let’s hope it stays that way. Fingers tightly crossed. I just keep trying to do me and hope that it will pay off. 🙂
Hope everyone’s well,

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