Sight Village 2010 Birmingham and shop til I drop

Sight Village is your typical convention where the blind organisations and venders show off their services and products for all. I hadn’t been to a sight village exhibition since I was younger and this year was the first year I attended an associated seminar.

I travelled down to Birmingham with Bailey on the Wednesday, met Aaron and we attended the exhibition. I believe he got as much out of it as possible. I’m not one for blind specific products but I did spy one that may help with uni work. It’s pricey and will only get it if I can get funding. If not, it’s not a big deal and I’ll just continue on my merry way without it. It was called a Zoomnex and it will help to scan books much easier than it has been possible to do previously.

We then grabbed a milkshake and headed back to Aaron’s where we ordered take away and chilled while he played with my iPad.

thursday I got a new tattoo. it’s a star with the LA logo and it looks hella cool. I knew I’ve wanted one for ages and it’s there now sitting happily on my chest. It hurt while he was cutting my skin up but didn’t hurt much after that.

Aaron and I then headed to the city so he could see the new Villa shirt and I could go and play in Apple. We had been in there the day before but it was crammed and we only wanted to look at the iPhone. I will probably get it but not so sure if I like the whole squareness of it. But i decided to show Aaron how I believe he could use the mac effectively. And so gave him a little demo on a beautiful Macbook Pro.

I didn’t plan to buy anything but when I don’t plan to I always end up doing so. I bought two beautiful tops from Gap, one pale blue, the other a pale pink and they are so soft and just gorgeous. Then we went to Armani and I bought my first Armani top. It is beautiful. Black with sparkles all over it and New York, London, Milan and Tokyo written on it. Even Aaron treated himself. It was turned 7:45 by the time we returned to his house. We ate and I crashed ready for the seminar.

The seminar didn’t start off too great. People were rude and the first session which was on the mac was not as good as it could be with all of the interuptions. Further sessions were better on the iOS devices and just before lunch I was asked to speak. Apparently they had wanted me to speak at the seminar and I’d been recommended by two people through my blogs and podcasts with maccessibility. So the afternoon was all about experience and I talked about my own and everyone who I spoke too said they enjoyed my talk which was nice to hear. I was glad to give my own experience as a total mac switcher and the best thing of yesterday? I met a few very interesting people and met up with an old friend and someone who I had heard a lot about through his other half online. That was so cool and I hope to keep in contact with a few people from the convention.

We travelled home, Aaron too to Manchester last night and I will not tell you how horrible some taxi drivers have been toward Bailey. But anyway, we’re back home and I have a lot of work to get through the next few weeks. Once Aaron goes home on Monday, it’s work pretty much constantly for me for the next few weeks which is probably a good thing as I have not got much money left now lol. Oh well, it’s been a lot of fun and I feel great. O and Bailey was the best behaved guide dog all week. was very proud of him. 🙂

Take care and will let you know how my Bday goes. hugs, MJ

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