Feeling bit low

Hey, So not feeling to great emotionally today. I know we all have those days and due to the cycle I’m probably feeling the brunt of this bad mood. I’m going to the guide dog annual ball tonight with two of my closest friends, minus a few others lol, but not even that can cheer me. Stuff’s going on at home again and what with lack of books for school and my terrible sleeping patterns coupled with frustration of foot, I’m feeling damn right horrible. I’m missing horse riding and feeling like I’ve totally lost all of my momentum. I just hope I can get it back, I have so much going for me right now but the fact I burst into tears because of anxiety issues about travelling without Bailey tonight screams volumes to me.

I’m missing hanging with one of my best friends and missing my Cali friends so much too. All the stress at home is driving me a little mad and I just hope this mood is a monthly cycle thing rather than a downward turn.

I hope in a month or so I’m writing to tell you all I’m riding again, working out and getting fit, getting all of my assignments completed and heading toward a bright future and hopefully have published my first book in the iBooks store. Let’s hope I’m right. Talk soon, Hugs, MJ

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