It’s been A while

What with school and stuff going on here, I have neglected to write. I’m still having issues with my foot which is driving me mad now as all I want to do is go riding. Walking is getting a little easier but my foot is still achy and they’ve still not got back to me about my referral to the specialist.

School’s been hectic. Finally got all of my assignments in from my psych and structures classes. Just got my other module to work on now but that’s OK.

Still loving the iPad and reading books on it is an amazing experience.

Haven’t seen much of my friends recently so going to head into the city today to do some catching up.

Fam stuff has been crazy. Mum’s been acting like a real bitch with me and her constant trying to make me deal with my nephew is starting to get on my last nerve. I’ll talk to him when I feel like it. I mean, I can’t deal with kids at the best of times, forcing them on me is only going to back me further away than I already am. I think she thinks just because she loves kids that the rest of us have too but evidently, not all of us love the “little darlings”. I don’t go googoo over a baby and I think that’s what she wants me to do. lol. If it was my own, maybe that would be different but why can’t she just accept that I’m not that into kids.

yawning like a crazy woman. my eyes are streaming with yawning tears lol. Suppose I better get ready and catch up with my best friend.

can’t wait to live by myself and not have to deal with this fam shit. I know they don’t want me around, well dad’s kinda indifferent but mum really is seeming to dislike me these days. hugs, MJ

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