Sunny May, school, Sleep Deprivation and awaiting …

Hey, So it appears summer has arrived this weekend. And I’m pretty certain it shall be only for this weekend. If I know the British weather as well as I think I do, it most certainly will be cold and rainy by Tuesday.

Sleeping patterns are still a little crazy, as you can see from this I am up at eight something on a Saturday morning. Ah well, more time to enjoy the nice weather I guess.

Still studying my little ass off. Writing a psych paper this weekend.

Bailey went for a run yesterday and I have to say the past two times he has gone, his behaviour has been excellent.

The iPad is due next Friday. Fingers tightly crossed everything goes as it should and the pretty iPad arrives when it should and works with no glitches.

Not much else to report. i lead a rather boring life. hahah. Hugs MJ

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