Busy, sleepy, school and other crap!

What a bloody crappy few weeks I’ve had. Sleep deprivation has taken over, school work is driving me insane and the benefits agencies have messed up my money because they’ve failed to inform me of what exactly my complicated benefits are all about.

Surprisingly, I’m doing OK though. I slept great last night and have managed to complete a chapter of one of my books despite not being able to do school work. Planning on spending my Sunday studying, hopefully finish no taking for my psychology class and finishing an assignment that’s due next Monday.

On Monday of this week though, I pre-ordered my iPad which I’m super excited about. It won’t arrive until 28TH May so I’m super excited about that.

Keep having weird dreams about Cali but not sure what my subconscious is telling me if anything. Probably just that I’m missing it, well yeah, subconscious, I could have told you that.

Bailey’s started going for free runs again so that’s great news. Last week he was really naughty but yesterday was an exemplary puppy dog.

I’m cancelling my facebook this week as I’m not happy with what they are doing with privacy and making it virtually impossible to set my own privacy settings with voice over.

I haven’t been horse riding as my ankle’s really bad. Think I may have to visit the doctor’s tomorrow to get it checked over.

The weather’s been OK. Nothing great to be honest. And our annual dad’s gone away party was a great success. I voted last week and the less said about the current state of our political system the better. Liberal democrats and conservatives have formed a government together. I’m trying to not think about it at the minute, far too complex.

Anyway, just thought I’d catch you up and vent a little. Back to studying after I get dressed and ready for the day. hugs, MJ

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