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Hi, It’s been an odd week. Been tired a lot and am waiting on some test results so guess I’m pretty anxious. Finally finished my psychology assignment and am working on my other one now. Been doing stuff for guide dogs but it feels like I have no energy. Last night, I was exhausted but could not sleep. It’s really frustrating.

I want to be successful so badly and yet I’m not sure how to get there. Guess keep doing what I’m doing. Getting a degre is very important to me now. I just hope the books situation can be solved soon enough. That is really getting frustrating.

Surprisingly, my mom’s been great. She hasn’t snapped at me despite her working three nights in a row. I think she knows I’m worried.

Still looking forward to getting my iPad.

Just bought Usher’s new album so that’s making me smile. I so wish I had more money lol. That’s it for now, hugs MJ

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