Busy, School, Horse riding and colds

This week has been yet another hectic one and if you think I’m complaining, I promise you, I am not. My week began playing in the Apple store, progressed to a lot of uni work getting started, endured a cold, did a IPhone OS podcast with the gang at maccessibility and continued with my first horse riding lesson. There was also a fair bit of laundry, exercising, and enjoying the nice weather too.

I’m enjoying life at the moment and don’t want to deal with any form of negativity. Guide dogs fundraising has got off to a great start and slowly but surely I’m getting there emotionally.

Riding today was amazing. I rode a beautiful horse called Harry and plan on my next lesson on Wednesday. Next week is looking like another busy one as I need to complete an assignment and progress with two others.

Hopefully teh weather keeps its temperament and I can keep this good mood. Who wants to edge bets on who will fuck it up? lol. Who knows?

Anyway, speaking of school work, I better get some done before I head in the bath. 🙂

Hugs and love MJ

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