It’s been a nutty yet fun filled kind of week. Been working my butt off studying and had a meeting for the Manchester Branch fundraiser. Volunteering doesn’t take up hardly any time and it is so rewarding. I can’t understand why lazy fucks can’t even be bothered to do it.

Bailey’s had a OK week. Wednesday he worked like a trouper but yesterday, he realised he was back in Shaw and ditched the good, hard working guide dog persona for I can’t be bothered to walk anywhere mom. hahah.

I started two of my assignments yesterday and have a busy weekend coming up. Pretty sleepy and not feeling one hundred percent but I’m sure I’ll be OK.

It’s been seventeen years since my grandma passed away and I wrote her a poem that’s on Phoenixquils now. She meant so much to me and I cannot believe how quickly time flies.

It was Kai’s birthday yesterday so he came to visit and I gave him his gifts. How crazy is it that time flies so quickly? he’s one. Before we know it he’ll be in school. Kind of scary but hopefully we are all moving in the right direction now.

Took part in my first official group podcast last weekend which was awesome. I think I did OK. Well, they asked me back so I mustn’t have been that bad.

Was going to have a massage today but the way I’m feeling that’s not going to happen.

Got a lot of plans lined up so we will see if they work out or not in the next few months. I’m taking life as it comes, seizing every opportunity and loving life because if you don’t its just a waste of time. Talk soon, Hugs MJ


I am 29 and feel like I have more blogs than I care to think about. That's where Life without sight has come into it. I finally have grown up and stepped into the hosting world. Lets see how this goes :)

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