School, Packages and more school

I’ve been really busy studying this week. I’m so determined to do well on my classes and yet there’s still the frustration of not getting my books. A tutor is now aware of the situation and I hope between us we can sort something out.

I’m loving my course though, seems like everything all fits together slowly but surely. Not looking forward to doing the assignments without extra books but I will just do my best.

Ordered a lot of stuff from amazon this past week and splurged a little on Itunes but hey its gotta be done. It’s Kai’s birthday next week so I’ve bought him some nice things. But just thought I’d drop by. O and been going on this machine to help get me fit. 10 minutes gives you an hour’s workout and so far so good.

Anyway, time to get dressed, do what needs to be done today.
Talk soon

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