School, stress, Riding

This week has been slightly stressful. Been working my butt off to try and find the books I need for school in any format that I can use, sadly it’s appearing extremely difficult. Although had a break through yesterday when my tutor emailed me and said she would do all she could to get me the books. We’ll see what happens with that one.

Bought my riding hat but haven’t yet decided on where I’m going to ride. I have another number which I will call Monday that’s closer by but either way should be starting horse riding in the next few weeks. My hat wasn’t that expensive so its all good.

Gotta find my nephew’s birthday present and buy it while also calling potential volunteers along with distributing posters for the summer ball. I’m loving doing all this, feeling like I’m making a difference and achieving something, just hope the book issue is sorted so I can really achieve my academic potential.

Not much else to say, Hugs, MJ

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