Incompetent people, school and inaccessibility

This week has been filled with bad sleeping patterns but I’m OK about it. I’ll get back into a routine, I’ve proved I can.

Mum had a great birthday and despite my bank account looking dismal, she had a wonderful week and that is what matters.

I received a print version of my courses this morning from uni and so sent them a strongly worded email requesting electronic format. Been busy organizing for the street collection for guide dogs and department of work and pensions sent me a letter requesting any changes that have occurred about a benefit I do not even receive.

Done a lot of reading and studying although studying is being hindered rather badly at the moment by the lack of books available to me. The RNIB have not helped the issue by telling me the book I want is available for me if I subscribe to the talking books service which costs £79. But on the good news front, the Ibooks app will be supported by voice over so got to save up to buy that next.

I’m doing OK, just hanging in there. I can’t let this shit defeat me. Keep on fighting. 🙂

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