Writer’s Block: Raining cats or dogs?

I am the biggest fan of dogs possible. I have a cross golden retriever with a labrador and he’s not only my best friend, my baby but my eyes. He’s a guide dog.

We’ve had cats and dogs in the past but dogs have always been my preference. The cat we had when I was around eleven was a Persian and she was beautiful but you couldn’t do anything with her. I play with my dog, brush him, take him everywhere with me.

My current boyfriend definitely prefers cats and there is no way I would live with him if he had one. I don’t hate cats but they’re so independent and sometimes have a vicious streak. My one friend had a cat that would attack at will and quite honestly, not being able to see could present serious issues if the cat pounced. Not only that, but if they do cat-like things, such as bringing mice or other rodent creatures home, I’d never see it.

My dog’s so well trained he doesn’t dig and gives himself away if there is something untoward in his mouth. He’s fun, loves to protect me, and is my silent best friend.

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