Ear infections, school and more

This week did not start off too badly. Got a 65 in my last assignment which is good but my prof keeps telling me I need to do further reading. I know that, but getting a hold of books is not that simple. May email him and ask if there are any resources he can suggest. Asked around online and got a book site so hopefully that will help.

Then the week took a turn. Was about to head to the library on Tuesday when I felt just God awful. Managed to sit in a chair all day starting and finishing a book. Pretty well achieved but no school work was done.

Had to pick more courses to do over the next 3 terms. I’m pretty certain filled the forms out incorrectly. Spending money like it’s going out of fashion what with mum’s birthday and mother’s day coming up. O well, shit happens.

Bailey’s been a little shit most of this week but only when mom’s been around which I find kinda amusing. Except today when he worked fabulously.

Anyway, not much else to report…. That’s a lie, got my first book of poetry published. It’s through a self publishing website but hey its a start right? So I’m now a published author, go me. πŸ™‚

That’s it for now, talk soon, Hugs MJ


I am 29 and feel like I have more blogs than I care to think about. That's where Life without sight has come into it. I finally have grown up and stepped into the hosting world. Lets see how this goes :)

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  1. talented!

    Hey girl, just wanted to let you know how talented you are. I’m really proud of you. Your the only 1 who I know of that can capture how I feel when I suggest you write an article for something. You capture emotions so well and remember Left Eye had a dream, Marie had a dream, dreams dreams dreams πŸ™‚

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