I’m procrastinating, again! But its OK. It’s Sunday and I’ve done what I need to do to begin a new week tomorrow. Think I’ll do some writing later and just relax. Got to head to the library tomorrow and then Action for the blind are coming on Wednesday. Got to research contacts this week and begin building my contact list for Guide Dogs. have to complete my CRB form and get that all taken care of. Not much to complete as I recall. And I need to email school about starting a new module in April/March, whichever one they’re deciding on.

It’s been that good old icky time of the month but its all good. lol. Think I may publish some stories and shit on my LJ. The more it gets out there the better right? When I have five spare hours I’m going to research publishing.

Anyway, not much to tell so talk soon hugs MJ

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