Forming the branch and making a future!

I met with the fundraising team from guide dogs today and Hannah and another lady to form Manchester’s branch for fundraising with the guide dogs. This is something I’m both passionate about and looking forward to undertaking being a guide dog owner myself. And who knows where this may lead. Maybe I’ll fundraise for a few years and then nothing but maybe I’ll move onto doing events or working in a paid role somehow. Any which way you look at it, it’s a start in moving forward with my life and career.

Sometimes we hold on so tightly to a dream, we forget to live and achieve that dream. That’s something I am guilty of to say the least. I desperately wanted California that I couldn’t live beyond that but now, I’ve grown so much and am working in a positive light, eventually moving toward that dream.

Here’s to the future of my life and more importantly to the future of the Manchester fundraising Branch. 🙂

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