Aaron came up last night and we ate dinner, hung out and just enjoyed each other’s company. I was super excited when he presented me with my fave choccies and was impressed by his initiative and caringness. 🙂

Today we got up and I cooked a full English breakfast, had a fight with the hash browns but it was pretty good all the same. Hung out this morning and then took Bailey for a run which the pup loved very much. Me and Aaron got adventurous and went for a small trek into the woods. it was a lot of fun. We just cooked dinner, well, Aaron cooked it, and I guided him through the chilli. He’s a great cook, just needs showing how to do certain things sometimes. But I always appreciate the great effort.

We took my nephew, Kai, to Asda with us and no one got stressed so this weekend so far, has been great. I really hope tomorrow is just as amazing. I love his company and he’s been a pleasure to be around so far. Let’s hope this mood continues. 🙂

I’ll let you know how Valentine’s day goes tomorrow. Oooo that’s the big one right? Last year wasn’t all that successful but he’s booked a table at Bella Italia and we might be going to see a movie. Fingers tightly crossed everything goes well. hugs MJ

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