Falling Asleep. ZZZZZZZ

I was up at 5:30 this morning as a result of going to bed early the night before. Hasten to add, I’m super sleepy and planning on heading to bed ASAP.

Had an overall great weekend with aaron. Miss cuddling him i have to say. But the dog’s a good cuddle buddy to say the least. lol.

started my reading for my next assignment yesterday, although haven’t done much today. Must rectify that one tomorrow.

Been planning a few stories and Just keep hoping, one day I’ll be published. Really need to look into self Publishing.

Anyway, going to crash soon and hope its not snowed too badly outside. meant to watch Malrose place but that will probably be on demand. I’m too tired to deal with TV drama lol. Well, I’ll say goodnight. Gooodnight. Hugs MJ

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