Hormones, annoying People and Weekends

Aaron came up on Friday and we enjoyed a chilled out Friday night. It’s been that wonderful time of the month where I am moody and in pain, and slipping in the shower Friday morning did not improve my mood.

We had arranged to meet my best friend and her boyfriend yesterday, [although he claimed to his best friend it was “sprung on him last minute”], and subsequently tension was high and alcohol got involved and comments were exchanged and reacted to badly. Already being supersensitive because of the time of the month, I was prone to irritability and the slightest degrading comment grated on me. It was not a good day and I truly wish Aaron and I had decided to relax either in the city or at home together.

My sky box has been on the blink and so no television has been enjoyed by either of us. Poor Aaron missed his fave show and only just managed to see the two winning goals from Villa this morning lol. Bless him!

Last night we chilled out and after having a serious discussion about things that had transpired yesterday, we relaxed into a happier state and listened to a maccessibility podcast. Aaron is torn whether to get an IPhone or the new pretty IPads. I know if the books are made accessible, I’m so buying one of those babies lol. And with rumours of a new mac line this year, man I’ll be broke. ahhaah.

We’re going to take bailey for a run in a little bit and I plan on enjoying spending the time with my man and hoping that its a better day today.

Submitted my second assignment on Thursday so fingers crossed. Gotta start reading my next module and crack on with my next assignment.

Will catch up soon. Hugs, MJ

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