I don’t like to complain but I’m tired and not sleeping very well again so I am grouchy and feel I have the right too.

I don’t mind the snow falling but the lack of competence of the British people has annoyed me. I cannot leave my house independently with my guide dog because the pavements are piled with snow and ice. My GDMI has advised me not to go out if I don’t need to and now its driving me mad. I want to go to the library and begin my nice new routine of studying, going to the gym, volunteering and riding to keep my days occupied and productive. I’ve been housebound with the puppy since last Wednesday and now I’m getting tired of staring at these four walls. True I can study in the house but there are too many distractions. I figured I can go to the library, sit at a table and study my little heart out with Bailey by my feet. Head to the gym and quit this life of sitting on my lazy ass doing nothing. I want to amount to something and I have to work at that.

I really wish I could sleep properly. I was tired and got into bed at 12:50 last night only to lie awake feeling exhausted and restless. Grr it’s annoying!

Besides that I’m well I think, this cough is stubbornly sticking to me but it’ll disappear eventually.
Just thought I’d bitch.

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