Facebook Makes me Mad!

I should really be posting this to my Blind Babbles website but I’m so angry and frustrated by facebook’s continued lack of accessibility and my tiredness means I could not be constructive in my blog post. But I am in the need to vent about this situation.

When I first joined facebook in 2006, it was fresh and the main site was completely accessible and even a lot of the apps were too. Now it just looks a mess and more and more visually impaired screen readers users are resorting to using facebook mobile which cuts down on the features available to you. Even editing apps or doing pretty much anything on the main site is a chore. Some areas are completely inaccessible, the site is slow due to the immense flash content and things are unlabeled and in a non consequential order. It’s so frustrating as a user who used to enjoy the ability to communicate with friends with ease on the main site and not have to deal with the confusion of what is where and unlabeled buttons/radio buttons.

Facebook say they’re dedicated to accessibility but after using jaws a few weeks ago, I can still conclude it is not nearly halfway there and using voice over on the mac is just as bad for different reasons.

Can’t these companies make their sites work for everyone? MJ

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