Episode 26

Episode 26 Trouble

The house was quiet the next morning as Lexie sat at the breakfast bar drinking an orange juice. she had cried herself to sleep and the tell tale signs were on her young face that seemed to age minute by minute. No one had been home the previous night so her sobs went unnoticed. she knew Caitlin was home as Callie’s leash hung on its hook and her harness lay in its usual spot on their shoe cupboard.

Emily had come home at some ungodly hour and Lexie realized as she looked at the pile of male that bills were going unpaid as the three of them wallowed in whatever self pitying routine they were dealing with.

standing up and walking toward the window she sighed heavily. JC’s shevvy truck was parked outside and that meant he was in Caitlin’s room with her. She wished beyond her mental capacity she had something remotely close to what Caitlin and JC and Emily and Cory had.

A noise broke her from her reverie and she turned to see Emily walk bleary eyed into the kitchen. “Big night with Cory?” Alexia inquired innocently. Emily’s eyes widened with pain and shock as Lexie asked the question. “You don’t know?” Emily’s eyes were dull and doleful as she spoke which left Lexie feeling ridiculously guilty. She quickly pushed it away and brought forward her faithful friend anger. “Well of course not, I’m not Caitlin so I don’t know a damn thing!” She snapped, her green eyes flashing dangerously. Emily dropped her shoulders with despair as she walked toward their sink to get some water. “I’m not even sure she knows,” Emily calmly replied as she allowed the cold water from the tap to flow into their filter jug. “She’s been kind of MIA too. Come to mention it, so have you.” “You too!” Lexie snapped again but Emily just shrugged without looking at her. This argument was old and she was getting more tired of this than she cared to mention.

His eyes snapped open as the alarm erupted into sound next to his sleeping girlfriend. Her blond hair cascaded elegantly over her back and shoulders as she slept peacefully. He wondered if this would or could even last forever. He hoped to God it could and would but you just never really knew.

Turning the alarm off and gently stroking her hair, he knew this girl had him where she wanted him and quite honestly where he did not want to be. The way she could get him to do anything for her scared him beyond his control. If she asked him to quit the gang tomorrow he wasn’t one hundred percent certain he could tell her no. Jay had always had his own mind but Caitlin was compromising that and he wondered if it was best to stick it out or run for the hills. He knew the latter was what he should do but every time he looked at her he knew he couldn’t do it.

She stirred as he smiled at her and Callie’s nose became wet against his hand that rested on her side. “Morning, Callie,” He beamed at the wagging tail of the beautiful blonde dog. caitlin smiled up at him and he leaned forward to kiss her. “I love you, mi amor,” His kisses were always filled with such seduction she wasn’t sure she could really and truly resist them. Resisting him would be like resisting the natural ability to breathe, you just did it.

“How are you?” she asked, stretching gracefully beside him and then throwing herself into his arms. “I love you to, mi amor!” “Good,” He said confidently and she giggled like a girl. “I know right?” Her eyes sparkled and this felt normal to both of them. After the previous few weeks, lying in bed after a good long session of making love was just what they needed after all of the crazy crap with Battle and his homies.

Turning her face to him he gently kissed her again. “want some breakfast?” She cooed seductively in his ear but he was a few steps ahead of her and was already holding her passionately to him.

Emily sat in her car, waiting for Lexie to pull the truck out so Emily could drive to work. She couldn’t think. everything was a blur. Caitlin and lexie were physically home but she couldn’t approach them about this. It wasn’t their problem. she’d got herself into this situation, somehow, some way, she had to get herself out of it.

Lexie pulled the truck down the street and emily linking back unhappy tears drove toward work and another day of emptiness.

Lexie slammed on the gas as she headed toward the stables. The anger that filled her was indescribable and no one knew why her eyes danced with fury whenever they made eye contact with her. The truth was, Lexie wasn’t exactly angry anymore, she was hurt and felt totally alone and unsupported through this horrific experience. Jake had dissed her, Dan didn’t want to have anything to do with her and she felt like pure dirt, tainted goods after what she had discovered about herself. Pushing back the inevitable tears again, she honked at a driver who was maybe going five miles below the speed limit but Lexie didn’t care who she took her frustration out on, she just wanted to blame everyone but herself.

Jay kissed Caitlin after their love making and headed up the path to jump into his chevvy truck. He had no desire to go and do what he knew he needed to but there was no choice in the matter. Why did every day have a tinge of negativity no matter what he did? Sighing heavily, he pulled out of his parking spot and headed down the street toward a day of torment and discord.

Caitlin sang as she showered and changed for work. Things were much murkier than they seemed but she knew she had to keep a good look on things if only for her own sanity. If she believed everything was OK and she hadn’t done the things she had done and changed the way she had in recent months then it may be true. Shaking the thoughts from her mind, she harnessed Callie and headed out of the door, locking everything up, with the nine millimeter tucked safely in her purse.

Emily couldn’t concentrate as she stared blankly at the numbers on her computer screen. Sighing as she let her head fall to her hands she wished none of this was happening. She wished she wasn’t pregnant, she wished she was still as happy as she was a few months ago, Cory by her side, and Caitlin, Lexie and Kira at home always waiting to hear about her day. Now that was all gone and she was completely alone with this imminent problem.

The door slammed behind him as he ascended the narrow staircase that stank of stale alcohol, long since stubbed out cigarettes and sweat. Wrinkling his nose he continued the journey up the stairs with his homies in tow behind him. At the top of the stairs Jay saw the door to the office was closed. Pulling his gun from his waist and cocking it, he aimed and shot it at the lock on the door. Instantly the door flew open and Jay and his companions ran toward the door and found their object of attention hastily trying to climb through the window. The man who was outrageously huge huffed and almost whimpered when he saw Jay with his gun still pointed at his head. “I don’t have it!” He cried mournfully. “Please, don’t!” “Sit down, John,” Jay commanded and without needing to be told his assistants pulled the older man into a chair and stood on either side of him with their guns drawn ready to shoot if the man should be stupid enough to make a run for it.

“Johnny boy,” Jay lit a cigarette as he leaned against the polished oak desk. The office was pristine compared to the rest of the dingy club situated on Palm Avenue. Jay was owed money but he knew full well the money he was owed did not equal the value of the club but he whole heartedly intended to take this from John Walker and make money from it. He had started to see his future since meeting Caitlin and this was just a small step into the right direction.

Lexie drove extremely fast down the freeway toward Hollywood. She knew exactly where she was heading and what her actions would be when she got there. Her anger boiled ever so familiar inside of her tummy as she hit the gas and the speedometer hit ninety-five.

The paperwork seemed to come from nowhere as Caitlin sat at her desk. Where was the time going? every time she looked at her watch, hours seemed to fly by and yet the pile of risk assessments, confirmation letters and bookings didn’t seem to be going anywhere. She knew something felt wrong but she couldn’t put her finger on it and after the past few weeks she didn’t even dare take a guess of what it could be. The likely-hood of it being much worse than her prediction outweighed the odds of the sun rising the next morning.

Emily walked slowly from her office and gloomily hit the button on the elevator to go and get some lunch. Sighing heavily, she wondered what the hell she could do to rectify this messed up situation she had landed herself in. “Em!” A voice yelled as the elevator door opened. she turned behind her to see who had called her name. standing there, almost as though he’d never been away was a tall, blonde-headed, green-eyed, athletic figure with a smile that melted her heart. “Cory?” She gasped and felt instantly sick. How could he be here, after everything she’d done? The situation she was now in? How could he be standing there before her as though nothing happened? “What are you doing here?” she pulled herself together and coldly asked.

“I came to see you. Spend the weekend in LA,” He looked unwelcomely hopeful as he stood there before her. “I hoped we could leave on better terms this time.” Emily stood frozen to the spot, unwilling and unable to move freely from where she stood. “OK,” She managed and as the elevator door flung open behind her as she turned to walk inside a man grinned at her and boldly stated. “nice titties, em,” Cory’s face turned dark and Emily felt sick. She’d never seen this guy before in her life but recent days deemed that that meant nothing. He knew her name. “I’m-I’m sorry?” She stuttered unable to withstand the curiosity that boiled inside of her. “What do you mean?” “Two nights ago at Tinie’s,” He grinned at her again. “You know, you were on the pole and threw your shirt into the crowd, my friend Joe gave you his sweater to go home in. You don’t remember?” “I’m sorry,” Emily felt the shame creep up on her neck like flames and sickness boiled violently inside of her tummy. She Daren’t look at Cory’s hurt expression. “How could you?” He sounded disgusted as he headed for the stairs and she ran off after him. “Cory, wait!” She called desperately. He’d come back. Wasn’t that a good thing? “Cory, pleas!” “I never had you down for a Hollywood whore!” He spat viciously. “I’m not! You don’t understand how hard it’s been!” Fat tears of anguish ran down her porcelain cheeks as she held onto his arm. “I’ve missed you like crazy!” “I missed you too but I didn’t flash my dick all over town!” He yelled. A shudder ran down Emily’s spine. She’d never heard him yell before in all the years she’d known him. “I’m sorry!” She sobbed. “I was drunk. I am a mess. cory, it’s all a mess!”

Jay sat behind the desk, looking over the paperwork. The club was doing OK but he wanted it to work amazingly for him. He knew exactly what to do. “Hey, guys!” He called to big d and Rico who had flanked him. “Get a mop and a vacuum and let’s start cleaning up this place.” “You not serious?” Big D blew out weed smoke as he laughed his gorilla laugh. “Yeah I am,” Jay smiled. A plan was formulating in his head and he liked what he saw.

The phone’s shrill ringing echoed in Caitlin’s ears as the stress headache pounded. “Hello, LA Events, Caitlin Dawson speaking,” She said drolly into the mouthpiece. “Baby!” His voice was low and sexy. “I need your help with something!” “It’s not a good time. My ass is getting kicked by paperwork.” “Come and work for me,” He crooned affectionately. “What?” Her eyebrows shot up as she sat up unconsciously straight in her chair. “Come and run this club for me, ma,” He said seductively. “do it how you want, just make me money! And we, me and you Caitlin, can be a real team!” smiling gently she considered the offer.

Lexie had arrived at the studio where she knew Jake would be hanging out. He was uneasy as she walked in but couldn’t tell his friends why it wasn’t cool for her to be there. Jake wasn’t very bright and Lexie used it to her advantage.

“So where’s the party happening?” She asked seductively to the band’s bass player. As most guys did, whenever Lexie turned on the charm, he gave her his ultimate attention. “Key Club,” He informed her while putting an arm around her shoulders. “You coming right?” “Of course,” She smiled sickly sweetly and promised to be there later.

Caitlin had just hung up with JC when her phone rang again. “Yeah?” She answered unprofessionally. “Listen bitch,” and the icy shivers instantly crept down her spine. “I’m watching you!” “You know what?” She retaliated. “We’re watching you too!” And confidently hung up the phone and headed outside where Rico was waiting to take her to her new job.

Cory was shocked. Pregnant? But was it his? He twisted his fingers nervously. A child? Now? What would she do? Her teary eyes were haunting him as he sat across the table from her in a low key café near to her job. “Emily, why didn’t you call me?” “I don’t know who’s it is,” She said in monotone without even looking up at him. “I’m sorry, Cory.” He knew that to be true but what to do now? “Do you want to keep it?” He asked the one question that had entered his head hours ago when she’d first told him. “I don’t know,” She confessed. Her eyes watery and her nose stuffy. “Emily, don’t cry, we’ll be OK!” He held her tight and she broke down in tears of relief.

The club was crowded as Lexie pushed her way through. standing meekly in the front row, she spied Jake and walked directly to him. “How could you?” She growled at him. “Shut up!” He warned, eyes almost black with fury. “Shut the fuck up!” “How could you cheat on me, and give me an STI?” Her voice was raised and everyone was looking at their exchange. jake and Lexie were both well known in this crowd and she knew that this would humiliate him; hopefully as much as she had felt when she had found out. “How could you give me Herpes you disgusting fuck!” And with one swipe Lexie punched Jake and broke his nose.

The security was on her within seconds but her ranting and raving caused such a stink that outside of Key Club, on Sunset boulevard where Dreams appear to come true, Lexie’s sobs and anger caused her to be handcuffed and arrested.

As the police officer pushed her into the back of the car, she felt like she would love nothing more than for the ground to open up and swallow her forever.

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