Sneezes, sadness and more snow

Aaron went home today. So as you can guess, I was pretty bummed. Feeling pretty shitty with this cold I’ve developed. Gotta study this week, preferably tomorrow and moved my room a bit more today despite feeling shitty. dad gav me his old computer table as he didn’t need it anymore with having everything wireless. So I decided to half tackle my room today even though I was sneezing, coughing and generally feeling shit.

Yesterday was good though. Aaron had a good birthday. We went to chaquitos and he loved all of his presents. we had birthday cake that I had bought him and chilled out in the house after getting back from the city. What with feeling ill, and hormones raging from that wonderful time of the month, I was pretty tearful this morning when he left.

Well, will let you know how I’m doing with school work and all over the next few days. hugs MJ

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