Welcome to 2010

I know we’re two days into the new year, but spent the majority of yesterday chilling out, watching TV and went for a slippery walk with mum, Kai, Vikki and Bailey to visit mum’s work. She works in a residential home. Picked at food most of the day after having had a great night with Aaron.

Ten minutes into the new year, we had an argument. I was on the phone with my friend in the Us and he proceeded to annoy me so I went to push him away and caught his glass that splattered all over him, my arm and the kitchen floor. A few unchoiced words were exchanged but it lasted in total around thirty minutes. He told me after that horrific argument that he wants me to be his wife and he knew I wouldn’t answer so later on, he asked me if I was going to answer his question, [which wasn’t exactly a question if we’re going to be grammatically correct; even if he did get down on one knee] but I told him to ask me again in six months. after all, a lot of things need to happen and we’ve only just really started to settle back into a relationship again and I need to know, as does he that we’re going to be OK. A relationship takes work, and we both need our space, two arguments having been in the same room effectively for the past two weeks is not bad going. When we have our own house, we’re having our own rooms so we’ll see what happens. 2010 is a year of taking things as they come and working my ass off to get a degree and lots of work experience. Aaron needs to do things for his own future too and we talked briefly about that the other night too. He’ll be OK, I know he will. He just needs to learn to have faith in himself and think about what he wants for himself for the future in realistic terms. I know it’s easy for me to say now I’m sort of knowing where I’m heading but only you can choose your own life career and what you want from life, no one else can do it for you.

Well, thought I’d update you. gotta write some of my essay and then edit it next week but probably do that later on. talk soon, Hugs MJ PS, hope Aaron loves his presents and hope the snow doesn’t prevent our plans for his birthday tomorrow. 🙂 hugs again, MJ

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