freezing cold and hot fires

It has been icily cold today. And I mean, icily cold. It was so bad I didn’t want to venture out anywhere but knew I had too. So after lunch, me and Aaron headed to Asda and picked up the last few things for our party tomorrow night. I call it a party but it’s only going to be me and him and the bailey of course but oh well.

Anyway, tonight I made him chili for the first time. Was pretty nervous about it as he didn’t like chili on the account of the kidney beans. Anyway, he loved it so I was really happy about that.

We decided to make chocolate covered strawberries for the party and it was all going so well. I was chopping the strawberries and Aaron was melting the chocolate when the bowl upon the pan got hot. He used a towel to straighten the bowl and hasten to say, the towel caught on fire. Never mind though, the strawberries are all done and waiting to be eaten tomorrow night. 🙂

Will drop a line tomorrow in the middle of cooking and such. hugs MJ

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