School, sleepy, missing home

I was glad I agreed to spend Christmas with Aaron. I can’t fault anything about it. I had a wonderful day yesterday and he’s been great about letting me get on with work which I needed to do desperately but I do miss home and my routine.

You get to a point where things are done your way and I’m glad he got the Christmas he wanted and I did have a wonderful time, but I missed seeing my family and miss certain things about home now.

Got some work done Thursday and today so that’s good right? Keep working on that and hopefully will be off to a great start with my first assignment, fingers crossed.

feeling a little sleepy and very hungry right now. Just going to do some writing and wait for Aaron to get back from seeing his grampss, so glad he’s got to do that over the Xmas period. Then hopefully we’ll be going for a nice walk with the Bails and hoping the Co-op is open so I can grab a sandwich or something. Man, think I should get my check for diabetes again soon, needing more and more sugar these days. Not good. lol.

Anyway, talk soon, hugs MJ

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