Snow! Snow! Snow!

If you haven’t guessed by now, we have had a lot of snow! It fell in its plenty over night and today. Yes, I have been outside jumping around with Bailey and throwing snowballs at Aaron.

Last night I chilled out with Aaron, did some writing and then fell asleep watching Hang Over. slept loads which was good but now getting a cough so went to Asda to get some cough medicine and some throat sweets. I don’t want to be sick over xmas.

was meant to meet up with Hannah and James today but that was cancelled on account of the weather. I hope Aaron’s having a good time, I’m loving having him around this weekend.

Got a little concerned over an online friend yesterday, still concerned but there’s nothing I can do about it. She was given a macbook by some guy and with no alleged payment but really, is it my cynicism or my reality that tells me that no one gives you something like that for nothing in return. just hope she realizes that and is prepared for whatever may happen if it indeed does.

Anyway, chilling inside, keeping warm from the outdoors, probably going to pig out and watch tV. Might attempt to start my assignment for school tomorrow. We’ll see. Not got many plans over the next few days. Supposed to be traveling to Birmingham on Wednesday but I’m a little, no, quite a bit concerned over how the dogs are going to be. Really want to spend Xmas with Aaron, God only knows I don’t want to be here and it’ll be nice to spend time with him over the festive period, but I can’t help but worry about my pup and now traveling on top of it. Anyway, that’s all for now. Hugs MJ

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