There’s a reason they call them Apple Geniuses

I was in a state of frustration, depression and upmost anxiety yesterday. After battling with the windows computer all morning and most of the previous day, I got on the bus, which took forever, and headed into the city to meet Aaron and take my macbook to the Apple doctor.

I was convinced my poor baby was dead for good. But upon checking my hard drive the apple genius told me it was fine so that was a huge phew. But after a few tests the macbook still wouldn’t boot beyond its silly little logo. So he did a install and archive which was what I was aiming to do but the damn thing would not boot. Just another argument for me to have another mac in the house, then I could do such smarty-pants things.

Anyway, he told us to head out for a coffee or something and when we got back, i was convinced it would still be causing us all a headache. But as I approached the genius bar, he said the most magical words, “it’s working again!” I was so excited to hear my voice over chatting away, that all the crowds, coldness seemed worth it.

Chilled out with Aaron, my mum and Sue and Bails last night and just enjoyed a pleasant evening in. Got some food shopping to do today and tidy my room up for the sky people to make their appearance with the HD box tomorrow morning and hopefully we’re meeting Hannah and James providing the weather isn’t too hectic.

Just thought I’d share my great news and enlighten everyone to the brilliance of Apple Geniuses. But seriously, all joking aside, they are great when it comes to customer care and fixing our precious products. Chat later, Hugs, MJ

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