Sleeping Too Much

I decided to take a nap yesterday afternoon which I never really woke up from. I got up to feed Bailey and eat my own dinner around 6 PM but crashed back out around 8. Woke up to take Bailey out to the toilet and then crashed back out again; i’m getting so sick and annoyed of sleeping so much. I’ll be glad when my old sleeping habits are relatively “normal” lol. Like that will ever happen.

So didn’t get as much done yesterday as I would have liked. I know today I need to get some stuff done, I.E. wrapping those presents and reading through more school work but other than that, need to just try and not sleep. Gutted, no soaps are on today but I’ll guess that hour I would normally waste watching them could get some work done lol.

Just thought I’d catch you up on my crazy sleeping patterns that won’t go back to normal . Hugs MJ

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