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I had a busy day shopping yesterday. I went with dad to get mum’s Christmas present and pick up a few things I needed too. Bailey got a new red collar which is a little big for him but going to the coblers to see if they can punch another hole in it.

I bought dad a Ragatta coat for his birthday which he seems really happy about so that makes me smile.

Then I headed into Shaw with mum to pick up yet more things I need for the festive period. Yesterday on the whole was a good and productive day, even reading through some uni work in the process.

Me and Aaron got in to an argument over stupid shit last night. I don’t know why this shit keeps happening. I wish I knew how to change it. I hope his wrist is better though, and he better take care of himself. I think the fact I care so freaking much is a problem and so when i haven’t heard from him until 11 something at night when he’s been in an entirely different city, drinking, then I get worried. And then my worry gets misconstrued for being pissed off and we enter into this cycle of moodiness which sucks. I don’t want to keep having these repeats of the same old shit but we talked it over last night and I guess only time will tell.

I hate feeling anxious but its a feeling becoming more and more prevailent in my every day life. Maybe I have some kind of anxiety disorder, it would account for the sheer fear of flying nowadays but whatever it is, I want it to fuck off. lol. Even on the bus on Friday, all I could envision was us crashing. That was a likely event the way that driver was careering down the street but still, how many other people are sitting on the bus predicting a tragedy? Probably just me. It’s fucked up for sure.

Kai was here yesterday and I walked past my sister and she didn’t speak which was good. I don’t want to deal with her. Not until she’s grown up and can apologize for the shit she said.

Anyway, not much else to report. going to try and do some writing today and wrap more damn Xmas presents and probably need to go to Asda lol, there’s a shock, but trying to chillax today.

hugs, MJ

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