Wrapping Gifts, and sleepiness?

I took it upon myself to finally tackle the mounting pile of gifts that urgently needed my wrapping attention. It took me the best part of the afternoon but they are all wrapped. And Aaron keeps asking what his surprises are, which will get annoying before long. A surprise means just that, Aaron, a freaking surprise, deal with it. lol. You’ll thank me Christmas morning.

I love giving presents at this time of year but I hate wrapping. I’m shit at it so it irritates the hell out of me doing it especially for the amount I was doing. The odd ones are fine but when gifts are odd shapes, then it becomes interesting.

On the sleep front, I was up at five as I stated previously in my last journal entry. However, only just beginning to feel exhausted so hoping to last until 9:30 or 10 at the latest tonight. Then maybe, just maybe, my sleeping will resume to something of normality again. Well, hopefully I won’t fall asleep on my computer. talk later. hugs MJ

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  1. im sure ill love what ever u get me still wish u would tell me lmao i know u wont haha

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