Shopping and Jetlag

Monday was a very productive day. Except one present I need to get my dad, I got everything I needed and more. even bought myself some new boots. heehee, I know, how many boots does one girl need? The answer to that is as many as I can get. lol.

So Aaron went home yesterday. I miss him already. We had a great time but he’s back up the weekend before Christmas, hopefully. I’ve learnt that not much in my life is black and white or straight forward for what its worth. Things are way more complicated than that. My relationship with Aaron being one of those things. People keep asking are we back together and the answer isn’t yes or no. We’re just seeing how things go for now.

Oh well, live a life I came home too. Because being out in the US and gaining this fear of dying while in a plane has finally made me see what I’m afraid of. Before, i had nothing to live for whereas now, I feel I may just have a future.

well, that’s all for now. Will write soon. hugs MJ

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