JetLag, Shopping, Xmas

I fell asleep after doing some shopping around five PM yesterday and woke up around seven-thirty. Man, I was so freaking tired. then was so tired ended up in bed by ten PM. Hasten to say, I was wide awake by three this morning. I attempted a few times to crash back out with no success so here I am, writing a very early journal.

Did quite a bit of shopping yesterday, and off into Manchester to finish, I hope, my Xmas shopping today. Looking forward to it. Spent a fun filled weekend with Aaron and it’s been totally awesome hanging with him. I’d missed him more than I had even realized.

So me, the Bails and Aaron are off into the city later and I hope I don’t fall asleep. Need to get into a routine of sleeping again, that should be fun lol.

Well, that’s all for now, hugs MJ

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