Football, fundraising and Freezing

Yesterday was the fundraiser at Manchester City’s stadium for guide dogs. Me, Aaron and the Bailster went along to contribute to guide dogs. As a treat from the club we got free tickets so I had the experience of my first British football game.

Aaron is an avid football fan so I knew he’d like to see City take on premier leaders Chelsea. I on the other hand, like sport but have never really followed football at all but I decided with the opportunity I should go and experience it at least once. And I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great and I had a lot of fun. We left ten minutes before the end because of Bailey but it was a well worth seeing experience. City is my dad’s favourite team and so I felt it necessary to watch them kick the southerners ass. I’m a Northern girl through and through so it was only right to support the blues into victory yesterday.

Hopefully we raised a lot of money and despite being cold I had a lot of fun. Was glad my first experience at football was shared with one of the world’s biggest football fans, Aaron. 🙂

That’s all for now, I’m well, enjoying being at home, and catching up on my sleep. But talk soon, Hugs MJ

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  1. im glad u enjoyed yourself it was a grate day but frezing you have 2 visit villa park 2 compare atmosphere

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