When I couldn’t Sleep Last Night!

I know I’m getting anxious or worried about something when i struggle to fall asleep. Either that or insomnia is about to plague me for a few weeks. But last night, it was definitely anxiety that won the battle.

I have discovered that my pure dislike of flying has resulted into a sheer fear of it now. I am terrified from the moment we take off down the runway, let alone take off into the air until we park back at the gate.

I’m not sure why this fear has suddenly emerged to the extent it has but I am seriously terrified. I am actually convinced I won’t get home safely and will never see my family, friends or puppy again. That my life shall end in some horrific crash or terrorist explosion. I want to say its emotional and I’m being paranoid but this is a genuine fear that I just can’t bear. The sooner I’m bak on English soil, safe and sound with all of my luggage, back in my house with my family the better.

Really wish this anxiety wasn’t taking over me so greatly. Hugs MJ

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