Episode 25

Episode 25 Painful Changes

JC stood over the man with a knife in one hand his pistol in the other. A cigarette hung from his lips as he glared at the asshole who killed his best friend. Rico had informed him that the guy was indeed working for Battle and his homies so JC only saw it fit to show good game play and torture the loser’s ass before killing him. So far, the man had received several superficial knife wounds, several cigarette burns and was chained to a table on a concrete floor. He looked at him with such disdain and spat into the guy’s face.

“You make me sick!” JC boomed around the empty room. Lock up was a place where no one liked to go on the receiving end. You only wanted to be in the gang if you were invited there. The walls dripped with damp, the windows were covered up with wooden shades on the outside and black out curtains on the inside. there was no carpet and it stank of multiple strong scents including, cleaning aids, alcohol, old blood and weed smoke. “you murdered my nigga, for what? What the fuck did he do to you?” “Nothing!” the asshole squealed on the ground. “He didn’t do shit to me. I was told to do it!” He squirmed like a snake on the ground. “Who told you to do it?” He snapped, slamming the pistol across the asshole’s head. “You know I can’t say@!” The guy cried in pain, covering his face with his elbows to attempt to protect it. “you will tell me!” JC slammed the pistol into the man’s head and blood began to spurt from his jaw line and ear. Guys around the derelict room gasped in shock as JC held a lighter to the man’s nostrils. “If you don’t tell me,” He whispered in a menacing growl. “I will blow your fucking brains out!” The man visibly shook with fear as JC stood up, looking pleased with himself at the level of fear he had clearly instilled into this man and waited for a response.

Caitlin sat in work fiddling with her headphone cable as she pretended to work. She was meant to be writing a report and a risk assessment but JC’s visit and sudden leaving that morning had her worried. Her blue eyes darkened with concern as she wondered if he was OK. His best friend had been murdered and Caitlin had a sinking feeling she knew who was behind it all. Not to mention the fact that JC would kill for his family and friends and this was her first reality check of what being with a gangster really meant.

Pushing some papers to one side, Caitlin stood, taking her blond dog’s lead and placing it around a sleepy Callie’s neck, headed out for a breath of fresh air.

Lexie sat in the waiting room, her stomach filled with knots and her hands flipping nervously through the pages of a punk magazine. Her heart thudded every time she heard someone’s name being called, dreading the moment she was tested and knew the truth. Dan had better get ready to apologize good after these tests came back.

“Alexia Daniels?” A short, plump, brown haired nurse called from a doorway to her right. Lexie nodded and on shaking legs followed the nurse to an examination room.

The examination room was bright, white and extremely clean. The table was dressed in white paper and Lexie felt sick as the nurse weighed her, took her blood pressure and handed her the gown to change into. Her stomach somersaulted with anxiety as the door closed and she, with shaking hands undressed and changed into the paper gown.

Emily was sitting in work, planning on what to do that night. Caitlin had seemed preoccupied that morning and Lexie was unusually quiet so Emily had decided that a night out by herself would do the trick of forgetting about what’s his name? She flipped through a list of bars online as she put off doing the accounts. Numbers drove her mad and Cory was driving her crazy. standing up and pushing her brown hair behind her ears, she strolled out of the office and headed home to change and get the party started.

As she stepped into the late summer’s afternoon and rested Callie’s harness upon her back, she felt a shadow falling over her. Looking around blindly and straining her ears to ear what it might be, she felt someone clamp a hand over her mouth.

“Don’t scream, bitch! Got a message for you and that jumped up nigga you is fuckin’’!” The man’s hand stank of sweat, tobacco and some other vile smells. Her heart raced uncontrollably in her chest and she lifted Callie’s lead and realized she was eating. Her heart leapt with panic then and she felt sick as the sounds around her grew.

“Keep still!: he growled holding a cold blade to her throat. She whimpered with fear as he gripped her neck. ”Listen and listen good. You tell that stupid motherfucker that if he pulls a stunt like he did earlier, your pretty head will become a museum piece. Got me, sweetheart?” She gulped and nodded. “Good!” And he left as quickly as he had come. She bent down and pulled the steak out of Callie’s mouth, her hands shaking all the while. She needed to call Jay. Leaning against the wall she picked up her cell phone and nervously called his number.

“Yo!” He said and she knew he was with his homies the way he wouldn’t say her name. She gulped knowing this wouldn’t be good. “Jay?” Her voice shook and her hands were trembling as she spoke to him. “Baby, what is it?” He said urgently, all suave and façade gone. “What happened?” “I had a visitor,” She started, the tears streaming down her cheeks in rapid succession now. “Who?” He growled so low she hardly heard what he said. But instinctively she knew what he had asked. “One of battle’s friends, I think. Jay, I’m scared!” She sobbed, hugging her golden friend. “I’ll be right there, where are you, mama?” He was running, she could hear it in his voice. “Outside of work, the park across the street,” She sobbed, clutching Callie as her tears fell freely. Hanging up with him, she crouched there for what seemed to be hours and finally his arms were around her and Callie was growling profusely.

“Que passo, me amor?” His lips brushed her neck seductively and she sobbed as he scooped her up in his arms and kissed her cheek lovingly. “Quien?” “Yo no se!” He had been teaching her more and more and as his arms tightened once again she broke down in floods of emotional tears. “It’s OK, baby girl,” his heart wrenched at the emotional wreck that had once been so strong. Could he have prevented this? Maybe. Would he have changed anything? Probably not. Damien had what was coming to him having acted on Battle’s orders and now this was a war raging and the most beautiful thing in his world was stuck at the center of it all. He had to do something and teaching her to defend herself was the only thing he knew how to do.

Her tears cascaded down her cheeks as she jumped into the truck with only part of the bad news in her head. She had genital warts, the doctor saw that much and the other tests should be back within the next few days. So the dirty bastard had been sleeping around. She could hardly believe it. Dan was right and now after trusting Jake, Lexie had potentially not only ruined her life but others around her. A marriage, her own relationships and who knew what else? Leaning her head on the hot steering wheel, Lexie knew she had a lot of stuff to deal with. But a part of her just wanted to curl up and die. Why did they keep doing this kind of thing to her? What had she done that was so terrible to warrant being treated so disgustingly? Jake had made her feel so inferior and straight up dirty, and somewhere within Lexie a plot was formulating to get revenge.

Emily was sitting in one of the most prestigious bars on Sunset Boulevard before six PM. She planned to get this night started early and no one was going to change her mind on that decision. She knew caitlin and Lexie wouldn’t really care where she was, at least that’s what the vodka and coke kept telling her. After all, a guy who had supposedly been in love with her for years couldn’t stick around long enough to care, why should two girls who had their own lives to lead? Slamming the vodka glass down and calling the waiter over again ordering yet another drink, she smiled to herself. This was going to be a fun night.

His hands gripped hers as he coached her through the act of slashing with a knife. She had been more than willing to learn. The experience of having her life threatened had really shaken her and JC knew he would do anything to protect her.

“It’s gotta be a quick action or else it won’t break the skin, mama,” He told her. They were practicing on wood for now but it wouldn’t be long before he had her practicing on the real thing. His eyes watched her hands trembling with nervousness. “Baby girl, stop it!” He gripped her hands again. “No shaking, you gotta do this right. Shaking will make you fuck up and not to mention make yourself look weak. Remember one thing mama, you always have to look like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t always feel it. Weakness is something you can’t afford, understand me?”

She nodded, fear in her brilliant blue eyes. “It’s OK, mama,” he pulled the knife from her hands and hugged her close to him. “I promise you, you’ll be fine!Prometo!”

” As she lay underneath the stranger, she felt like crying. Where was he and why hadn’t he called her? had their parting been so painful for him too he couldn’t bring himself to keep in touch or was he already moving on as she pretended she was doing? The stranger panted with climax and rolled off of her. Emily hated the empty feeling Cory had left behind and she pretended to be asleep as the stranger rose and left her room. She heard the front door close and sighed a drunken sigh of relief. Maybe this would all be a bad dream and she could wake up tomorrow and Cory would be sitting on their couch eating cherios like he loved to do.

The evening was sultry as Lexie sat in the bed of her truck wondering what she should do. Jake hadn’t returned her calls and neither had Dan. She felt so alone it was far from comfortable. Emily wasn’t home and Caitlin was seemingly also MIA. She needed someone but no one seemed to be around. Lexie was yet again reminded that being alone was what her life was all about. ever since her mother had left her, it was how life was. It hurt but it was the reality of the situation. Staring up into the light adorned skies, she wished for that moment she was anyone but herself.

Caitlin lay beside JC that night in the small room at his grandmother’s house knowing that her life had changed dramatically since he had come into her life. How was it that one person could have such an influence over your life that had once seemed so black and white? Now it was blurred in so many ways she wasn’t sure what was up and down anymore. The nine millimeter he had given her lay coolly beside her hand under the pillow and yet while she was with him, she felt safe, this knew tool would be the only thing keeping her safe from now on.

Over the next few days, all three roommates were distant and unsure of so much. Instad of confiding in each other like they once would have, all three girls stayed within their little cocoons to ensure none of their friends knew what was happening. Lexie had slashed Jake’s tyres, Emily had gotten drunk every night and slept with yet more strangers and Caitlin was perfecting the art of not flinching while cutting and torturing people. all three were too ashamed to let their friends know what was happening in their lives and so distance seemed like the only option.

Caitlin’s hands were steady as she carved into the flesh of a man who had ripped JC off. It was her first experience of cutting someone real and she was surprisingly distant from her own feelings about what she was doing. Jay carter was making her into a gangsta bitch and she didn’t care. As long as she could protect Callie and herself from the scum that Battle had working for him she didn’t care what she had to do.

“Good job!” He blew a smoke ring as he watched the girl he was falling for do the work he would normally do himself. She was good. After she had learnt to distance herself from the task at hand, she was really good.

“Well, thanks,” she looked up, escaping the concentration she had been fighting with to keep her hands from shaking. Walking away and downing a shot of Jack Daniels, she smiled up at JC. Her confidence in protecting herself had grown and he had been surprised how quickly she had picked up on certain tasks. Protecting her was what he wanted to do and it seemed as though he achieved that now. By arming her to protect herself, he in turn was still able to protect her, if he couldn’t physically be there to do so.

Emily paced her room as she held the blue stick in her hand. This had better not be happening. How could she have been so stupid? Unprotected sex with strangers, why, Emily? She kept asking herself. It wasn’t worth landing yourself with a kid just because a guy you loved had left town. Glancing down at her watch impatiently, she huffed and sat on her bed waiting for the next thirty seconds to pass by.

Lexie was tying Blackmist in his stall as Dan walked by. “Dan, wait!” but he walked on by her and she felt sick with sadness as his lack of acknowledgment killed her inside. Jake wouldn’t answer her calls either and she felt so dirty that it hurt. The test results had proven she had Herpes and it sickened her to her stomach. How could Jake do this to her? Why? Burying her face into Blackmist’s dark fur, she sobbed uncontrollably.

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