complaints, sickness and Peptobismol

So we drove back to San Jose yesterday afternoon. I crashed out in the car for a little while and started to get horrific heartburn. Not sure if it was just generally heartburn or brought on listening to Prasun. I wish I had his level of I don’t care about anthing. I struggle to believe he can care for anyone but himself. Talking about the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, that’s OK when you’re on the rich side of the fence and your parents can afford to send you to school. Some people really have no idea what it means to come from nothing.

anyway, we get back and I’m not feeling so hot so I take a nap. Upon waking up and going to the bathroom, I proceed to vomit. Claudia’s younger sister Monica had been taken to urgent care earlier that day because she was vomiting and had diarhrea. Fortunately, it wasn’t that much and I wasn’t displaying signs of the runs yet. I went with Claudia to get some meds to help with the heartburn and threw up in the parking lot. So gross and I felt so horrible, the shivers had set in by this point so when I returned, took a shower, almost passed out on the floor in the bahtroom, took some medicines, I was in bed for 7:30.

Woke up every few hours and took some more meds around 11:30. Claudia was so good to me. I had the hot sweats by this point which made me feel happy, that meant I was coming through the other side.

This morning, still have slight heartburn but nothing like it was yesterday. took more peptobismol around 8 along with some more adville. Now just hoping today’s a better day. Feeling tired but with no food in my system that’s understandable. Don’t really wanna eat anything just yet but that’s fine with me.

So that was my day yesterday. Overall, Thanksgiving was great and if i hear one more word from Prasun about him “being exposed” then I will freaking expose him. lol

talk soon, Hugs MJ

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