Turkey Day

So here I am in central cali again, a place I once loved with all of my heart and my first taste of American life. Claudia, a very good friend of mine, who I also see as my older hermana who I love dearly invited me with her family for Thanksgiving.

We had a very traditional meal and o such fun. Claudia’s Thia was teasing Claudia’s cousin, her Thia’s son Arturo about a cake she made and had named better than sex cake. She totally embarrassed him and it just made us all laugh how it played out.

Was very stuffed and watched star trek. Not my thing at all and did not follow the movie whatsoever but it was awesome spending time with them all. Claudia’s familia were very welcoming and I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. Hopefully we’ll have more fun.

Well, gonna go and chill out so hit yall up later. hugs MJ

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