Black friday

So Black Friday began with waking up after a pretty uncomfortable night on the floor but I’m not worried about that, then showered, ate good breakfast that consisted of oatmeal, Mexican style and toast. I then showered and we ate lunch after hanging out for a while that consisted of Thanksgiving leftovers which was awesome. Then we decided to go and watch a movie.

The movie we all decided on was Blind Sight based on a true story about a NFL player. It was an inspiring story with a lot of good acting. A great movie.

another thing that happened just before the movie that rocked was that I managed to get a jacket. It’s pink and lined with fur inside. Wanted one like it for a while now so super excited.

Only a few weeks off of Xmas so time to get everything sorted for then.

Heading back up to the bay area tomorrow. That should be fun with Prasun’s digs and snide smart ass comments. I know he doesn’t like me but as I am sure he puts up with me for Claudia’s sake, I do in return.

Well that’s all for now. hugs MJ

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