I arrived here at long last. I must love Cali a lot to go through those long hours and the time change but we all know how much I love California! It was very painless and already had my fave fast food, Del taco, got some mountain dew and cheesits so all set to go. Parties are being planned and I have a cell phone. I absolutely love being here and feel so at home as though I’ve never left.

Just sitting in Katie’s truck with her and Marissa yesterday felt as though I’d never really been away, like they were picking me up to go over for dinner or something. I feel great and content. The sun is shining, it’s not too hot but it’s home and I ate breakfast at Ihop and am now chilling before we get ready to party tonight.

Do I miss England? Nope! not one bit. Bailey, of course but everyone knows he’s the only reason I’m only staying a month.

LA rocks!
So Cal Rules. Nothing more needs to be said.


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