Anyone who knows me knows I detest flying. I love travelling but flying is just horrible. I’m anxious, can hardly relax and think the worst possible thoughts. During flights, the slightest noise I presume is going to lead to us plummeting and any turbulance is going to result in the same. I threat I won’t be allowed into the country, for instance, the US, maybe my documents are filled in incorrectly or they just don’t like me. I worry I’m going to lose my bag or my personal items will be stolen during security checks. I’m terrified stuff will be planted on me and I’ll end up going to jail. And I know I cause myself a lot of stress by worrying like I do but I guess its just my way of coping. I wish I could relax on flights but relaxing comes once I’ve got my suitcase and I’m at my friend’s house or hotel.

I’m sitting in the middle of a long haul flight as we speak. Had slight turbulance so far and dosed a little but nothing really to report. I’m tired so probably going to grab a few after I’ve been to the loo, holy knows how the rest of this journey will go but I’m sure something will go wrong.


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