Episode 23

Episode 23 Chaos

Emily strode down the busy streets of LA with a determined air about her. She had left behind a situation that she wanted no part of. Whatever was going on between Caitlin, JC and Battle, Emily did not want to know. After all, the situation had already caused enough drama between them all. Emily just prayed that whatever would happen, it wouldn’t be brought back on them. After all, she wasn’t sure how much more Lexie could stand to take with this particular situation.

Walking into the mall she smiled as she spied a familiar figure. Tall, braided hair and a serious face made Emily smile with happiness.

“Kira!” She called hurrying over to see her old roommate. She was walking with the judgmental bitch but emily dismissed her and just smiled at Kira. “Hey, Emily,” Kira returned the greeting in a quiet voice. “How are you?” “Not bad,” Emily knew it was better that Kira was out of all of this. She had struggled to deal with all of their life styles but her run in with JC the night before she left had pushed her over the edge. Her chocolate chip colored eyes seemed sincere and gentle but also troubled. The other girl whom’s face reminded Emily of a show girl she had once seen in Vegas glowered at Emily but Emily merely smiled back at her. She had learnt years before that the one true way to get under someone’s skin was to be nice to them when they despised you for whatever reason.

“That’s good,” Kira smiled and made a move to leave. “I’m sorry,” emily grasped the opportunity to show Kira her apology. “I wish things had turned out differently.” “It’s OK,” Kira said and turned away with shame in her eyes. “I’m OK and doing alright so no need to worry. I will not be in touch though Emily. And I’d appreciate you not contacting me or approaching me again.” Emily nodded sadly as Kira stalked away with Jasmine striding along behind her. Emily felt sad, angry and disappointment all at once as she wandered blindly through the mall.

He hadn’t wanted to take her but she had insisted that it was about her and she wanted her chance to tell Battle to his face she wasn’t, under any circumstances interested in him. JC knew this was her way of “keeping an eye on him” but a part of him didn’t mind this fact at all. In truth, he suspected Caitlin could be a ride or die bitch but he would need to see her in action before he could come to that full blown conclusion.

The sun was bright outside and the wispy clouds that floated high over head had no impact on the sheer Southern Californian heat. His car was filled with warm air, he rarely used the air conditioner as it was faulty on his old shevvy. He kept glancing over at her, nervously. They had left Callie at home and JC knew Caitlin wanted to be involved but he still wasn’t convinced that was the best idea. He wanted to protect this girl beyond anything else so taking her with him to confront Battle might not be the best way of going about this. Normally, he would never have included a “bitch” to go with him but she wasn’t a “bitch” or anything close to it. She had potential. He wasn’t that stupid and pig headed to realize that sometimes the girls could be the most sadistic.

Stepping out of her truck, Lexie spied Dan and her stomach erupted with excitement. His eyes were fixed on her as she walked over to the hay truck and was unloading bales of hay.

“Need some help?” She asked super sweetly as he stopped what he was doing to stand up straight and admire her. “Love some,” He told her handing a bale over the railing that stood between them. “How are you today, Lex?” Something about him was different today and she couldn’t put a finger on it. He was quiet and contemplative. Looking at him with worry in her heart, she asked the question she hoped she was wrong about the answer.

“Did Beth find out?” She whispered, laying the hay in the wheel barrow to take across the yard to the stables. He turned sharply and shook his head. “Of course not,” his eyes were thoughtful and she shivered at the penetrative gaze he bestowed upon her. “What made you think that?” Confusion adorned his face now as he bent to hand another bale to her. “Well, I guess, well, I was just wondering,” Lexie mumbled feeling stupid. The thought of his wife finding out about his sordid affair with her made her feel a sense of excitement and forbidding. Wheeling the barrow across the yard, she sighed heavily and wondered why Dan was being so mysterious and quiet today. He hadn’t even made a suggestive comment about her shirt that said “take me” in bright red lettering across her chest. Normally he would have taken the t-shirt seriously and whisked her away for some “fun” as he would put it. Dismissing her feelings of rejection, which she knew were fabricated of her own mind, she went about her work, trying to ignore Dan’s strange mood.

Emily was sitting in the food court waiting for Cory. She was excited to see him that afternoon. Most of her week had been occupied with drama and an afternoon filled with her and Cory meant happy, care-free times. Smiling as she wondered what to order for lunch, Emily spotted a couple hugging on the next table and smiled warmly at them. soon, that would be her; in the arms of someone she cared about.

“Hey!” A voice spoke gently from behind her and she turned to smile up into those beautiful eyes. “You know what you want?” He hugged her and kissed the top of her head. Something didn’t feel right but maybe it was Em reading way too much into things as usual. “Yeah, I’m going to get Catiana Chicken,” She stood and walked with him. His demeanor was some what slumped as he stood beside her in the line for the chicken place. It was a rip off of KFC but Emily loved their chicken strips done in honey mustard dressing. “Are you OK?” She asked, taking his hand lovingly as the line move up and she pulled him along side her. His eyes were looking everywhere but at her. He nodded absent-mindedly as the line shrunk and after emily ordered he got some strips and potato wedges. “I thought you hated this place?” Emily asked as they took their seats. “Catiana’s Chicken, I mean.” She clarified what her subject of disdain was directed to. “It’s OK,” He munched distractedly and emily felt a building awkwardness that she was not enjoying or understood.

“Cory,” She attempted now, wiping her face self-consciously with her napkin. “If there is something wrong, I’d like to know about it.” “Well,” He put down his half eaten wedgy and sighed heavily. ‘here it comes!’ Em thought with building emotion in her throat. ‘The moment he breaks up with you’ she continued as she looked across the table, her brown eyes open for the oncoming pain.

Dan was sweeping the the stables as Lexie pored the oats into a troff for Blackmist and Bella, the two horses that were currently sharing the sick stalls. Bella had fallen funny on her leg so she was on rest bite for a few weeks. Blackmist was heading back to the racing sables the following Monday, providing the vet gave him the clean bill of health.

“How’s it going?” Lexie asked as she dumped in some chick peas. Dan stood up straight and smiled gently at her. His blue eyes dancing with excitement while his palms gave away his nervousness. “Good,” he returned, beaming at her. “Are you busy tonight?” “No,” She hurriedly said smiling at the thought of his presence that night. “Good,” His smile broadened even further. “I’m taking you to dinner tonight.” He lifted the bag of dirt and headed out to the tip, leaving Lexie feeling a little perplex.

Walking beside JC, Caitlin felt a new sense of importance that she had never experienced before. Holding his arm and feeling his stride long and strong, she would have felt intimidation if she had never seen the side of him that most never had and never would. Turning into a street she had never ventured before, she heard a whistle escape through JC’s teeth.

“Good, the stupid little nigga’s here,” JC’s voice was harsh and unforgiving as he sped up. Reaching the group of five guys, JC glared at Battle and Rick glared back with a defiance JC was shocked to see. Caitlin could feel the tension but instead of huddling at JC’s side as she would have done once upon a time, she let go of his arm and folded her arms across her chest defiantly.

“How nice of you, JC,” Battle sneered quietly. “Bringing Caitlin to see me.” “I didn’t come to see you,” Caitlin retorted anger clear in her voice. Her eyes were flashing and her posture warned anyone not to mess with her. “Oh?” Battle’s tones were cocky and Caitlin did not recognize this to be the same Battle at the show. The one who had been sweet and nice. JC was right, just went to show you could never really tell. “No, she’s come to tell you to back the fuck off!” JC gritted his teeth as he glowered at the man he would have happily removed if Caitlin had asked him too. “Is that right?” Battle sneered again, turning his attention to Caitlin. “After all that time we spent together?” “I saw you maybe twice during the festival and spent two minutes with you while you were in hospital. You’re crazy if you thought it was more!” Her hands clenched into fists as she spoke and JC smiled proudly at her. “Is that why you smashed up my car, JC?” “I have no idea what you’re talking about nigga,” JC laughed knowing full well if the cops couldn’t prove it was him, then neither could these fools. “I know it was you!” battle yelled. “And you probably got me shot too.” “Nah, I don’t get involved with that shit,” JC laughed a threatening laugh. “What you take me for? A stupid mo-fo? Nigga, I ain’t going to shoot you in the middle of a festival while my girlfriend and her friends are stood there. And I ain’t going to get a nigga shot where I’m at. That’s just plain and simple stupidity.” The other guys laughed at this but Battle did not look impressed. “So, why you here?” He asked, a glint in his eyes telling JC that he knew full well why they were there. “You sent my girl roses, with a cute little note,” JC grabbed the front of Battle’s shirt. “Let’s just say, that won’t be happening again. You got me, homie? “Oh, I can’t make that kind of promise,” Battle cooed. “After all, Caitlin would be a prized commodity to have in this business.” Before Caitlin knew what had happened, JC grabbed her and they strode away at lightning speed.

“I’ll fucking get you for this nigga, if it’s the last thing I fucking do!” Battle’s words echoed around the block as JC and Caitlin strode back to his truck in silence.

“i’ve been offered a job in san francisco,” He said after a few moments of silence. Emily’s throat went dry. “Really?” She clutched her chair from keeping her from falling. “Doing what?” She couldn’t think of anything else to ask. She just sat there dumbfounded. “Yeah,” He spoke looking at her with ultimate concern. The rest of the mall echoed uncomfortably in Emily’s ears as she tried to focus on cory and what he was telling her. “I’ll be head accountant at the local newspaper.” “Wow!” She smiled weakly knowing that it was a good position but feeling wounded that he would be leaving LA; leaving her! “Yeah,” Cory was watching Emily with ultimate tentativeness as she tried to look happy for him. “I’m sorry, Em,” He whispered but it was too late, Emily was up and running to the bathroom , tears falling down her porcelain face.

‘Dinner?’ Lexie kept thinking as she drove home from work that night. Dan had conveniently been avoiding her. He’d gone to do some jobs for his dad, leaving the stables and Lexie behind. He had text her to tell her where to meet and at what time but Lexie was ultimately confused. Why was Dan taking her out to dinner? Didn’t they always fuck, wasn’t that what they generally did? Shaking her head as she jumped off of the truck, she wondered what to wear.

Caitlin and JC were snuggled in her room. Callie had been happy to see them return an hour or so previously. Caitlin was trying to block the threat and JC was trying to convince her nothing would come of it.

“Baby girl,” He kissed her head gently. “They ain’t going to do shit to me. I promise! Beside, I wear a bullet proof, a knife proof vest all of the time. You’ve seen it, ma,” He laughed as she giggled gently. Their love making had started off to be pretty much non existent but once they had started, they really couldn’t stop.Already they had had their time of intimacy as the house was quiet. He made her feel like she had never been made to feel before and if anything else hadn’t been there for him, that was sure to keep her hooked on jay Carter. Kissing his neck seductively again, she felt the familiar feelings of excitement and kissed his lips with a passion she could not describe.

“Promise?” She whispered in a hoarse, sexy tone. “Si, mi chica bonita!” His kisses turned her on again and before long they were loving each other again.

Lexie had no idea why she was getting ready and even entertaining the idea of going to dinner with Dan. And there she was, showering, dressing nicely and doing her hair and make up and getting into her truck to go and meet him at a great restaurant they both liked in Hollywood. What annoyed Lexie the most was the butterflies she kept on getting whenever she thought of Dan. Why the hell was she so into him and attracted to a married man? Shaking the thought from her mind, she parked and walked toward Calvatis, a Brazilian restaurant.

Emily’s cheeks were blotchy from her constant tears as she pushed open the door to their house. The air was cool and she saw Callie’s harness and leash were hanging but no Callie. Caitlin must have be home. Wiping her eyes and blowing her nose, trying so hard not to fall into fits of tears again, Emily walked down the hall way, needing time alone. She knew if Caitlin was home that she’d come and see what was up with her best friend. Normally Em and Caitlin would say hey if they were both home but Emily snuck into her room, wanting her friend’s company but too scared of her own emotions to ask for it.

Sitting at the table, Lexie smiled across at Dan. He was still in the strange mood he had been in earlier. lexie was beginning to get annoyed. The candles flickered across his tanned face as she read the menu and she felt hatred for her need to be with him rise inside her chest.

“What are you getting?” She asked but he wasn’t even looking at the menu, he was staring at her affectionately.

“Lex,” he breathed out a huge pent up sigh and she looked into his eyes. “I need to tell you something.” ‘great!’ She thought. ‘he’s going to finish with me! Just what I need!’ “What?” She sounded peeved but could do nothing about her tone. He seemed not to notice it or chose not too because he went on staring adoringly.

“I love you!” He blurted and grasped her hand as she looked utterly dumbfounded at him. “Thanks,” She smiled, relief flowing over her. Thank god he wasn’t ending it, she liked the sex way too much. “I’m thinking of the Lasagna,” And with that Dan picked up his menu dejectedly and began to search frantically, hiding his disappointment behind the colorful menu.

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