Episode 20

Episode 20 Uncertainty

A shaft of sunlight drifted lazily through the blinds and glided silently onto the two sleeping figures beneath a multi shaded blue comforter. a golden dog slept calmly, occasionally twitching on her pink cushion beside the bed. The man’s dark features were relaxed and almost boy like as he slept quietly, an arm around his blonde headed girlfriend. Her face casted in the sunlight glowed as though she was celestial. The room was bathed in a warm golden light as the birds chimed their early morning calls.

A car pulled up and two doors slammed. Minutes later a banging erupted the silence that had enveloped the house in the quiet suburban neighbourhood.

The man leapt from the bed, rubbing his eyes and pulling on his clothes. The girl sat up rubbing her own eyes with confusion written on her young face. The man knew exactly who was at the door. Pulling the girl up to standing, he embraced her and whispered quickly in her ear, so rapid she struggled to piece what he said together in her dazed confused state.

“Baby, listen to me! It’s the cops, whatever they say, I’m being framed for Battle’s shooting! Please, baby, if you know me like I hope you do, do what you know you have too!” he kissed her cheek and ran from the room. She heard the continuing banging and walked steadily toward the door with Callie’s barks erupting from her side. “Do what you know you have too!” echoed in Caitlin’s ears as she opened the door, with Lexie and Emily emerging from their rooms now.

She opened the door as the cops burst in, yelling that they were looking for a man. all three girls looked confused, Caitlin’s feigned but neither of the other two spotted it. she was convincing enough.

“Where is he?” A female officer grabbed Lexie. “Where’s Jay Carter?” “I have no idea!” lexie raised her eyebrows in shock. She hadn’t seen him and for this Caitlin was grateful neither of her roommates had to lie for her boyfriend. “You’re looking for JC?” Caitlin chimed in bemusedly now. “Why? what’s he done?” “Attempted to murder someone,” She spat. ‘You his girlfriend?” “Yes, but I didn’t see him last night! He’s not here!” The officer raised an eyebrow and squinted her grey-blue eyes at Caitlin. “Now, Miss, you are not lying to me are you?” “You’ve checked the house, he’s not here!” Caitlin pulled Callie to lay down who was frantically barking at all the chaos. “We had a fight. I haven’t seen him since before the shooting. he left while I was dealing with the aftermath…” “Wait, so he was with you during the festival?” She looked thoroughly confused now. But it was Emily who answered not Caitlin. “Yeah, he was with me, my boyfriend and Caitlin for all the festival. even before Caitlin showed up to hang, he was with me and Cory.” “Bob, I think we’re looking for the wrong kid.” She called to the man. “He was with these girls at the time of the shooting.” “He was seen near the victim’s car the night before last when it’s suspected he smashed it up!” The man with balding hair and a fat red face emerged from one of the bedrooms to speak. Spittle drooled down his chin. “Well, that may be the case but he was with these girls. Can anyone else verify this?” “My boyfriend Cory,” Emily handed the officer her phone. “Call him. he’ll be up.” The officer proceeded to do so and within minutes they had left and the silence resumed heavier than a fifty ton truck.

Lexie broke the heavy silence first. “What the fuck have you gotten yourself into?” She glowered at Caitlin, her green eyes flashing dangerously as she leaned against the wall, her arms folded across her chest. “I have no idea,” Caitlin patted callie who was still growling. “Lexie, he was with us. I have no doubt in my mind that he did not shoot Battle. Why would he?” “Do you know him at all?” Lexie’s voice rose with anger as Emily slumped against the couch. She was scowling. “So now you’re questioning my judgement?” Caitlin’s voice rose with anger as she let Callie go to lay on her bed. “Jee Caitlin, can you fucking blame me? we get a dawn wake up call from the cops over your fucking boyfriend? Of course I’m questioning your fucking judgement. Was he here?” “No!” Caitlin lied. “I told you! like I told them! I haven’t seen him!” Caitlin and JC had spent the whole afternoon and evening in bed. Caitlin had got up only to feed callie and order them some food when Emily had left to go out to dinner with Cory and Lexie had left to go out with her current man of interest, whoever that may have been. None of the girls had seen him and as hard as it was for her to lie to them now, she knew it was imperative she did so. she had known the previous afternoon as he had made love to her and promised he’d take care of her that she’d do whatever it took to keep him safe. She was into him in a way she had never been with a guy before in her life. Twirling a strand of hair she waited for Lexie to continue her lecture. “I don’t believe you!” Lexie spat. “But I’m telling you this, Caitlin. This shit better not happen again!” Lexie stalked off to her room and the silence recommenced. Caitlin glanced over to Emily, her eyes blinded but her ears straining to hear any sound she could.

“He was here! wasn’t he?” Emily’s voice was quiet as she walked to kneel beside her blonde friend. “Caitlin, tell me the truth!” Her hands took Caitlin’s into her own as she begged for her friend to be honest. Caitlin toyed for a few moments whether to tell Emily but JC’s words echoed in her head. “If anyone finds out, I know where it came from!” She shook her head hard and stood up pulling herself away from Emily. “I told you the fucking truth! I can’t believe you don’t believe me!” Caitlin wasn’t the leading lady in most of her high school productions for no good reason. She was a good actress and now she realised that she now more than ever, would have to pull on that talent to survive. “I’m sorry!” Emily said harshly. “But you were in your room when I got home yesterday and normally you’d come out. But,” She dropped her hands to her sides in despair. “If you say he wasn’t, I believe you!” Caitlin nodded and walked to her room, callie following her hoping to get her breakfast soon.

Once in her room, Caitlin lay her head down on her pillow and cried. This was it! Her life was changing. For the better or for the worse? she was uncertain. She just prayed JC kept his ass out of trouble now. How did life become so complicated? Her blonde head lay motionless as she heard the other girls dressing and leaving for work. Once they had left she dressed and got ready herself, wondering how to contact JC. She was certain they’d be being watched now.

Jay slammed out of the house after showering and changing. He saw Rogue and B-dog, his confident and best friend respectively. He leaned against the door of his car as he lit a cigarette. Pulling deeply on the smoke, he exhaled it with a sense of relief. he prayed Caitlin was not so stupid to contact him by cell phone. He’d call her later so it wouldn’t look like he was checking on how things had gone with the cops. As the minutes ticked by he realised she was straight up. They would have been here by now if she had told them everything he had confessed to her the previous day. But now he had to discover who had attempted to frame him.

Glowering at Rogue and saluting his best friend in the usual greeting, JC wondered if Rogue had turned on him. But the look of confusion upon Rogue’s ageing face told JC all he needed to know. Paranoid as it may seem, JC was forced to suspect everyone of foul play. This game wasn’t straight forward and definitely wasn’t free of back stabbers or rule breakers.

“What happened?” Rogue asked as he lit his own cigarette. B-dog lay his hand on JC’s arm. He knew what had happened from what Rogue had told him. This girl from LA had got his boy acting crazy so he knew she must be more than a straight up fuck. B-dog’s chocolate chip coloured eyes stared into his friend’s light brown ones to spot the emotion he was searching for. smiling, satisfied at what he saw, he sighed heavily and leaned beside his best friend. “She got you going crazy, nigga?” his voice was raspy with the affects of weed and JC laughed a small pitiful laugh and sighed heavily. “Real crazy, homie!” Leaning on the hood of his car, he stared at rogue. “Someone called the popo. They showed up at my girl’s place this morning. Was it you?” His eyes were rusty coloured with anger in them. He didn’t flinch as his hand went to the gun on his waist, preparing to do whatever it took. “Fuck no, nigga!” Rogue held up his hands in defence and his eyes that were aged with sights he’d seen on the streets, he looked pitifully at JC. “JC, you surely know me better than that right? I would never do that to anyone, let alone you! I’ve looked out for you for all these years, since you were a boy and now you accusin’ me of fucking telling Popo about shit? Fuck! Since when have I ever gone to popo with anything?” “Aight! I get it!’ JC let his hands drop with defeat. “I’m sorry, nigga. just, fuck, why the fuck would they come looking for me? I mean, shit, I may have fucked his car up but…” “Don’t let me repeat the conversation we had yesterday morning, Jc. You’re a prime suspect. But they ain’t come here so they must have learnt something at your girl’s place?” “Fuck. I don’t know. She knows everything!” “Bit risky ain’t it?” B-dog chimed him, looking outraged at this thought. You never told a bitch about shit you had done. what had got into JC? “Nah!” JC exhaled another smoke ring and then pulled another cigarette from his pocket and lit it from the end of his last cigarette, dropping the old one to the ground and stamping on it as he pulled a deep drag on the new one. He flicked non-existent ash from the end as he looked at B-dog. “I trust her!” “Never trust a bitch!” B-dog and Rogue chorused and laughed. “Nigga, you’re the one who taught us that!” B-dog laughed his booming laugh. “Why you not following your own advice now homie?” “because she’s different!” He protested, blowing a smoke ring as fast as he could. “She knows everything but she’s still not called the cops onto my ass, has she?” “Do you know that for sure?” Rogue raised his eyebrows with shock at what his younger friend was doing. He was taking unnecessary risks with his life and all over a girl. A girl he didn’t know that well to say the least. It wasn’t as though they’d grown up together and had a secrecy pact, this was different. She was some bitch he met in LA and had been running after ever since. “She hasn’t called me!” JC was running out of ways to defend his decision and he knew that his friends were right in essence. he had taken a huge and rather stupid risk on the hope that Caitlin was a straight up bitch who would be his ride or die bitch but the truth was, he didn’t know if she was that or if she even had the desire to be that. “She’s probably at the cop station giving them a statement!” B-dog punched his friend in the arm. “you’d do wise to go into hiding now! White girls never stand by a nigga!” But Jc wasn’t listening. He jumped into his car and burned out of the street he had grown up in. The pressure around his brain was swelling by the minute with the frustration at his friends accusations. He was a good judge of character. Caitlin wouldn’t betray him, would she?

Emily waited in the starbucks they always met for coffee when a drama was unfolding in their lives. She had text Caitlin and Lexie to meet her earlier that morning. after their early wake up call from the police, Emily deemed it important that she made her feelings on the situation clear. Caitlin hadn’t been herself that morning. She had blatantly lied to both Em and lexie and no matter what she thought, Emily wasn’t letting her long time friend get away with this. She wasn’t going to let her ruin her life over a guy. All he could do is bring her heartache, Emily had contemplated in her room after Caitlin had pushed her away that morning. she knew the way Caitlin had defended herself so deeply that she was lying. So now it was truth time and even if it meant Caitlin wouldn’t speak to her for a while, Em was willing to take that risk. Caitlin had a high flying career, it could only get better for her, but not with that guy in her life. Em had given him a chance but he had screwed up already and it wasn’t on a small scale either. He hadn’t forgotten to call her or text her friend, he had brought the cops to their door. Regardless whether Emily believed he hadn’t done it or not, Caitlin did not need this drama in her life. She had enough with Lexie. He was exactly what Emily had suspected he had been, a fully fledged gangster and everything that came with it. Emily had had enough now. It was time to tell Caitlin that.

Lexie drove quickly to Starbucks to find her friends. she was furious with Caitlin. How could she do this to them? Bring cops to their home and cause so much drama. How could she let that boy do whatever he did to cause them troubles? Pulling a face, Lexie pulled into the parking lot and parked her truck, jumping out into the mid day heat and heading toward the street. If Caitlin thought she’d be getting away with this, she had another think coming. despite being her friend, Lexie hated being woken up. And first thing in the morning too. How inconsiderate was Caitlin to do that? Rationality wasn’t Lexie’s strongest point at the best of times, but after being woken up early, it only meant rationality was at its all time low.

Walking steadily into the Starbucks, Lexie smiled to see Emily seated there already looking fed up with the whole prospect of dealing with Caitlin. she hated being told what to do, probably as much as Lexie did, but if she had her mind set on something, boy, it was going to be a tough lunch hour for them all.

“Hey Em,” Lexie smiled taking her seat and resting her chin in her hands. “She coming?” “She better!” Emily grumbled. “You know she lied to us this morning, don’t you?” “Thought you believed her?” Lexie squinted her eyes with suspicion now. She had been certain Emily would take Caitlin’s side, she usually did. So when Lexie got Em’s text to meet them for lunch, she had been pleasantly surprised to say the least. Emily merely shrugged. “I want to believe her,” She sighed desolately as she leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes and continued to speak. “But Lexie, I think she’s changing. For him!” “I think you’re right!” Lexie grumbled. “She never hangs out with us, she’s always with him when they’re not fighting. do you believe they were fighting, by the way?” “I know she had a rough conversation with him at the hospital on Sunday, but i don’t know. She never talks to me anymore. It’s like, we’re just her roommates. Caitlin used to tell us everything!” “No,” Lexie corrected. “She used to tell you everything!” The word “you” was spoken with venom but Emily wasn’t paying attention, her eye was on the door.

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