Happy Summer time!

I woke up this morning, exhausted because it was again past 2 AM by the time I fell asleep. Reading the next Twilight book, eclipse, so read some of that before falling asleep. When i woke up I could have sworn it was like 5:30 and yet when I looked at my phone it was 8:28. ‘Fuck it!’ I thought, may as well get up, feed Bails and then maybe try and crash out for a few more hours. the weather had suggested it would be nice today but I obviously was shocked when I walked outside with Bailey to find the sunshine blazing down. Smiling happily as I walked back into the house, to find mum was up, I decided to eat breakfast while Bailey did and then as I sat on the bottom step of our stairs at the back door, i decided it was indeed time to get up and dressed and soak up the vitamin D. After all, who knew when the sun would be back. So I went upstairs, switched on my faithful buddy, macbook and checked emails/tweets and got dressed. My morning was spent sitting at our bench listening to Eclipse on my ipod, drinking coffee and then mum made me a bacon sandwich. A visit to Asda, a walk to the park with Vikki, Kai and Bailey, I was ready to do some writing. So i sat down and achieved more tasks than I thought I would today. Not to mention that I polished in my room, emptied my trash and felt energised and good. Let’s hope it’s a good week. hugs M.J Currently playing in iTunes: It Was A Good Day (1993) by Ice Cube

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