Shitty Days

Safe to say I definitely got the Monday blues this morning when I came to get all of the charity money together for Guide dogs and only £2.50 was where I had stored the money. I was confused and instantly upset by this discovery. I put it in a place I normally put things to keep safe and the money had gone. I was so uncertain what had happened. maybe the box had fell, I highly doubted that as the £2.50 was still in my box along with a necklace. So then what? The only conclusion I came to as I know i wouldn’t have moved it because there is no where else I could think to put it where I know its safe so i wouldn’t misplace it. Then the only conclusion I have is that someone stole it.

To think someone stole the money that was meant for a charity, and one close to my heart sickens me deeply. £120 has disappeared and maybe it fell or maybe it was stolen. Needless to say I hope it’s the first option. And if anyone has stolen it, I hope they feel guilty and rot in hell for that mean act.

So yeah, been a crappy day. For more reasons than just that but hey, can’t discuss everything lol.

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