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I decided to write some of my opinions of what is going on in our crazy world this week. I think it’s going to become a weekly thing.

First of all, the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment is swine flu. So here is what I heard on the news from a medical expert. Swine flu is seemingly originated from a pig that had a mixture of a human virus, a pig virus and a bird virus. All three viruses culminated into one virus that has the potential to become a pandemic. The original source is supposedly a four year old boy in a small village in the East of Mexico who lived close to a pig farm where they suspect the infected pig was. Mexican authorities are being criticised for the lack of action taken as in the same village people have been suffering from respiratory infection that hold similar symptoms to those of the swine flu. Two cases have now been confirmed in Scotland and those people are responding well to treatment. The total death toll in Mexico City has risen and I suspect will continue to do so for weeks ahead. But has the media once again blown up this issue? I personally think that although news needs to be reported and it is obviously serious as flights to Mexico from the UK have been grounded, calling this virus a potential pandemic and such may be going over the edge a little.

A few days ago I was commenting how much we protect our children from dirt and germs. My sister has just had a baby and everyone is like, make sure he’s warm, sterilise this, wash your hands and all those good tips that we say when new babies are born, but I question whether as the western world we are too clean in our approach to life? I mean, children need to build up their resistance’s to bugs and viruses, because without them we are doomed to be sick as adults. Interestingly, this expert stated that because this virus is so new, that young adults are the ones that are potentially going to fall victim to this disease and not the usual victims of flu. So what is the answer? The way I see it, if you’re completely over protective of your children and never let them eat a piece of dirt as a child, they will probably die from one of the many child hood diseases. On the other hand, if people do what my mum did and let me eat whatever delicacies I could find in the back yard or local park, then I am likely to fall victim to this new strain of flu. Great! So nothing we do actually makes a difference. That’s like telling me being healthy is actually a bad thing. Wow, never thought I’d hear the medics say that.

Moving on, to another hated topic of mine. If I have to hear one more word from the media about the goddamn recession and “credit crunch” I might just flip! OK, OK, so it’s happening, we know that, but I kind of like what the Chancellor did in his budget and completely fantasise about the economy and where it might be in a year’s time. Fair play to Mr Darling if those figures aren’t adding up, at least he’s taking a positive approach to the bloody situation rather than sitting on his arse and complaining and moping about it. You know what? we’ve had recessions before, we survived and let’s face it, Britain has more social benefits than ever before. Personally, i say let’s get rid of those people who keep whacking out kids only to claim benefits and refuse to get a job because they’d rather sit on their ignorant backsides and watch Jeremy Kyle and compare their stupid lives that have no potential to amount to anything but a dozen kids that show no respect to anyone or anything. Wow, that was harsh eh? O well, it’s my blog I can say what I like. hahah.

I think I’ve ranted enough for now. There will be more, I promise.
That’s all for now,

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