Writing bla

I want to get some writing done but a part of me can’t seem to be bothered. Just done a few paragraphs on the soap blog but now I feel like blasting music again. I have like four projects I need to work on but none of them seem to be moving fast. Guess the lack of sleep hasn’t helped and the stresses that have been happening recently, but I want to get some done, I probably will try again later. O well, blasting music is fun too lmao.

Had a great day with Aaron the other day and looking forward to doing it again. Life’s steady and on the whole I’m OK. Just tired of being underestimated and assumed about. It’s hard to get shit together when even your own family see you as nothing but the blind one who is incapable of doing anything. wow, don’t let me touch anything, I might just damage it, or do it wrong. Well, think what they like, because I know I’m capable and one day I’ll prove them all wrong.

That’s it for now. And peeps, stop underestimating me and treating me like a second class citizen, I’m as capable as anyone. just might have to do things slightly differently.


I am 29 and feel like I have more blogs than I care to think about. That's where Life without sight has come into it. I finally have grown up and stepped into the hosting world. Lets see how this goes :)

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