Saturday Sunshine

I had a pretty good day compared to yesterday. Yesterday really sucked! But today seemed to have been good. Sometimes I wonder wehther the sun has something to do with my good mood days because it was beautifully sunny today and people, will you stop signing on and off in adium. grrrr. i can’t seem to spell for some reason today.

Kai was here earlier today. I feel like such an idiot. I got milk in his eye and my mum kept having kittens when I was pushing him. Guess I was right, no one trusts the blind chick with the baby. Guess I’ll save them a lot of trouble and not ever bother to reproduce.

Anyways, just chilling in my P.J.’s wish I was gong out but I’m kinda tired too. So not overly bothered abut that. It’s been a week of so much emotion I can’t even talk about it lol. But today was a good day in the words of ice cube so its all good.
holla soon

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